Download Enjaami Song Download MP3 (02:59) - AtakoySatilik

Download Enjaami Song Download MP3 (02:59) - AtakoySatilik

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  • Enjoy Enjaami Kuthu (FULL SONG) by Narvini Dery & Vashanth Sellathurai lyrics

    Enjoy Enjaami original song:
    This Enjoy Enjaami cover is an extended version of the kuthu version also known as
    kuku kuku song. After many requests for a full version, we decided to react 😊 We have collaborated with two who made bass and veena covers of the kuthu version because we simply love their covers and their contribution truly elevates this production. Furthermore, we have worked more on the music and cleaned the beat to be more tight and punchy. Thanks to maajja again for granting legal permission to do this cover of Enjoy Enjaami.

    Female Singer:
    Male Singer:
    Bass and El-Guitar:


    Singers: Narvini Dery & Vashanth Sellathurai
    Cover Music, Mixing & Mastering: Vashanth Sellathurai
    Assisting Music Producer & Veena: Megalan Indrathasan
    Bass & El-Guitar: Sajin from Blue Moon
    Video, editing & colouring: Vashanth Sellathurai
    Executive Producer: Narmika
    Production: Alaikal Studios (Denmark)
    Copyright (C) 2021 Alaikal Studios

    Production Coordinator: Meliesan Indrathasan
    Production Supervisor: Kumanan Nanthan
    Vocal Coaching: Roshkan & Chokovino
    Tamil Vaathi (Tamil Pronunciation Coach): Vithupoet
    Quality Check: Naveen Indrathasan
    Cake Supplier: Henry
    Tea Master: Mathiebhan Mahendran Murugaiah (Secondary School, Boys Only, theriyumthaanae)

    Original song: Enjoy Enjaami by Dhee ft. Arivu
    Original composition: Santhosh Narayanan
    Industry: Tamil Independent Music
    Production: maajja

    Narvini Dery

    Vashanth Sellathurai

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